Project Description

Yourgene primarily develops, manufactures, and commercialises simple and accurate molecular diagnostic solutions, for reproductive health, precision medicine and infectious diseases.
Yourgene has a range of innovative DNA sample preparation platforms, powered by Ranger® Technology, the Yourgene LightBench® and Yourgene QS250, ideal for cell-free DNA applications in NIPT and oncology including liquid biopsy.

The Elucigene range offers various panels for management of reproductive health ,cystic fibrosis ,male infertility ,pregnancy loss, rapid aneuploidy analysis and thrombosis risk. DPYD testing is a simple genotyping test that can identify patients with DPD deficiency allowing an alternative treatment to be offered.

Yourgene also offers the IONA® Nx NIPT Workflow (IONA® Nx) , which is Yourgene Health’s non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) that runs on the Illumina NGS platform. The IONA® test is also offered for labs wishing to offer their own in-house non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) service.

Yourgene also provides industry-leading scalability and precision for the size selection process, ensuring maximal enrichment, every time through the Yourgene QS250 & LightBench Instruments
These are ideal for cfDNA applications such as NIPT and oncology.