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AGBL offers NGS based precision oncology assays through ArcherDx. ArcherDx is the leading NGS based assay provider for precision oncology with proprietary Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) chemistry. The Company offers next-generation sequencing (NGS) panels for detecting variants associated with cancers and inherited diseases. The NGS research assays from ArcherDx along with Archer NGS bioinformatics tools empower the clinicians to detect cancer, optimize cancer therapy and enable cancer monitoring. ArcherDx offers solid tumor and blood cancer research solutions

● Solid Tumor

ArcherDx Solid Tumor research panels offer a sensitive targeted sequencing approach for biomarker detection from both liquid and tissue biopsies. This approach leverages DNA, RNA or ctDNA input types for sensitive characterization of all variant types from low-input clinical research samples. The different solid tumor based panels from ArcherDx includes:

RNA Input

  • FusionPlex Lung v2
  • FusionPlex- Sarcoma v2
  • FusionPlex Pan Solid Tumor v2
  • Immune Repertoire Profiling
  • FusionPlex Pan Solid Tumor v2

DNA Input

  • VariantPlex Solid Tumor Focus v2
  • VariantPlex Core Solid Tumor
  • VariantPlex Expanded Solid Tumor
  • VariantPlex Pan Solid Tumor


  • LiquidPlex ctDNA 28

● Blood Cancer

ArcherDx blood Cancer research tests detect various driver mutations in hematologic malignancies, such as myeloid and lymphoid diseases, by targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS). This approach combines FusionPlex® and VariantPlex® panels to characterize gene fusions, point mutations, copy number variations (CNVs) and other variant types from a single sample. The different blood cancer based panels from ArcherDx includes:

RNA Input

  • FusionPlex ALL
  • FusionPlex Heme V2
  • FusionPlex Lymphoma
  • FusionPlex Myeloid
  • FusionPlex Pan-Heme
  • Immune Repertoire Profiling

DNA Input

  • VariantPlex Core Myeloid
  • VariantPlex Myeloid

● Custom Panels

ArcherDx also allows the customer to design custom next-generation sequencing (NGS) panels for RNA, DNA or ctDNA input to meet the needs of every lab.
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