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47. Ms.Andrea Towlerton, Project Manager, Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute, Kampala, Uganda

"Thank you so much for all your work and efforts on the MiSeq, I really appreciate it! I am very satisfied with the AGBL product and services."

Andrea Towlerton

46. Mahmoud Younes, Lab Supervisor, Al Borg Laboratory, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

“We are very satisfied with the purchased product, and the AGBL team that helped us greatly to manage our overloaded COVID-19 samples, and fight the current pandemic.”

Mahmoud Younes

45. Dr. Liliane Okdah, King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC) National Guard Health Affairs, Saudi Arabia

"I am pleased with the way the AGBL team is handling the marketing and technical support of Illumina in Saudi Arabia."

Dr. Liliane Okdah

44. Prof Sameh Trabelsi, Head of department of Clinical Pharmacology, National Center of Pharmacovigilance, Tunisia

Thank you AGBL Team for your professionalism and availability.

Professor Sameh Trabelsi
Head of department of Clinical Pharmacology / National Center of Pharmacological, Tunisia

43. Dr Mohamed Nasor, Head of Biomedical Engineering Department, Ajman University

“I would like to thank the AGBL team for the very useful and well prepared presentations delivered to our BME students. It's highly appreciated.”

Dr Mohamed Nasor
Head of Biomedical Engineering Department / Ajman University

Dr Habiba Alsafar, Director of Khalifa University Center for Biotechnology, Biotechnology Center, Khalifa University

“During times of hardship, the AGBL team continued to display high levels of professionalism with their customer-centric attitude and impact-driven focus.  (more…)

Dr Habiba Alsafar
Director of Khalifa University Center for Biotechnology / Khalifa University

Dr. Bright Adu, Research Fellow, and Coordinator, NGS Core Facility, NMIMR, Ghana

"AGBL West Africa has been a reliable partner to the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR). Their effort in providing solutions and assistance especially (more…)

Dr. Bright Adu
Research Fellow, and Coordinator, NGS Core Facility / Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR), Ghana

39. Dr. Khaled Sedaa, CEO, RAYA, Medical & Scientific Laboratories Co., Hay Alandalus, Tripoli, Libya

"The partnership between Raya and AGBL over the years was excellent and had a major impact on health care in Libya."

Dr. Khaled Sedaa

38. Idriss Lahlou Amine, Professor of Microbiology, Head of the Virology Laboratory, Kingdom of Morocco, Royal Armed forces, Mohammed V Military Training Hospital

"The AGBL Afrique team gave us complete satisfaction in the management of the order as well as in respecting the delivery times. Thank you for the availability and the efforts made."

Idriss Lahlou Amine
Professor of Microbiology, Head of the Virology Laboratory / Royal Armed forces, Mohammed V Military Training Hospital

Dr Najla Ounaies

“Congratulations to the engineering team for the great professionalism, competence, availability, moral, and human qualities. We are deeply satisfied.”

Dr Najla Ounaies

Dr. Albert Théophane YONLI, Vice-Director, CERBA, Burkina Faso

“The whole CERBA team is happy to work with the AGBL team for their professionalism and hoping for a long and fruitful collaboration, we wish it a long life.”

Dr. Albert Théophane Yonli

Andrey Bogoyavlenskiy , Head of Laboratory Antivirus Protection in Research and Production Center for Microbiology and Virology, Almaty city, Kazakhstan

"We would like to thank AGBL for the service provided! We can see the sincere wish to meet us half-way and find beneficial solutions!"

Andrey Bogoyavlenskiy

Dr. Ali Taher, Head of Lab, Tebneed Govermental Hospital, Lebanon

"All thanks and appreciation to AGBL. I had the opportunity to participate and work in the field of molecular biology, especially this period  (more…)

Dr. Ali Taher

Dr. Riad Abou Al Aaynayn, Head of Al Hamshari Hospital, Lebanon

"We would like to thank AGBL Levant for the great job and professionalism. The training team was beyond helpful. The training was perfect, allowed us to work properly at the COVID-19 PCR kit."

Dr. Riad Abou Al Aaynayn

Dr. Taher Fardoun, Head of the Lab, Mashrek Diagnostic Center, MDC, Tyre, Lebanon

"It was a great pleasure to work with AGBL in the field of Molecular Biology, especially with coronavirus PCR. I'm really impressed (more…)

Dr. Taher Fardoun

Tchadie Edlom Pélagie, Research Assistant, CERSA, Lome, Togo

"AGBL Team thank you for the professional training."

Tchadie Edlom Pélagie

Christian Ranaivoson, Research assistant, Virology Unit, Institut Pasteur de Madagascar

"Thank you AGBL Team again for the advice you gave during the training on ISEQ 100 System here at the Institute Pasteur of Madagascar."

Christian Ranaivoson
Research assistant, Virology Unit / Institut Pasteur de Madagascar, Madagascar

N’Nanle Oumbortime, Research Assistant, CERSA, Lome, Togo

"Thank you AGBL for your support and the good collaboration."

N’Nanle Oumbortime

Ayotunde Famooto, Lab Manager IHVN Nigeria, Nigeria

"Thank you AGBL, the training was professional and highly enjoyed."

Ayotunde Famooto

Professor Saber Masmoudi, Research Director CBS Sfax, Tunisia

"Thank you AGBL Team for a good job, you are pride."

Professor Saber Masmoudi
Research director / CBS Sfax, Tunisia

Ms. Randa Yahi, BH Lab & Rezak Drali, Ph.D., en Maladies Infectieuses Responsable de la Plateforme Génomique – Bioinformatique At Institut Pasteur d’Algérie, Algeria

"To express sincere gratitude and thanks to the AGBL Trainer for the successful training and the implementation of MiSeq Illumina (more…)

Ms. Randa Yahi & Rezak Drali
BH Lab & Maladies Infectieuses Responsable de la Plateforme Génomique / Bioinformatique At Institut Pasteur d’Algérie, Algeria

Dr. Dorota Monies, Saudi Genome Project, KFSHRC, Riyadh, KSA

"Thank you AGBL for the very professional and fruitful training."

Dr. Dorota Monies
Saudi Genome Project / KFSHRC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Genene Tefera, Director and Senior Researcher Microbial Biodiversity Directorate at Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute, Ethiopia

"We kindly thank the AGBL trainer for his dedication, concern, kindness, and excellent training ability in Miseq training and iSeq 100 demo.”

Dr. Genene Tefera
Director and Senior Researcher Microbial Biodiversity / Directorate at Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute, Ethiopia

Yousif Alghmdi, Lab Manager, NGH Jeddah, KSA

"The run was successful and the analysis software was very well explained."

Yousif Alghmdi

Sara Mfarej, Lab Technician, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Thuwal, KSA

"The trainer performed well and efficiently in iSeq100 training. Great Support!"

Sara Mfarej

Mrs. Matilda, Hospital Manager, RUMA Feritily Centre, Ghana

"The training was good, many thanks to the AGBL Team."

Mrs. Matilda

Mohamed Almujaled, Lab Manager, SFDA, Riyadh, KSA

"Thank you AGBL Team, the training was great covering all the subjects."

Mohamed Almujaled

Dr. Sadia, Lab Manager, KSU Hospital, Riyadh, KSA

"The overall training was excellent. We appreciated the efforts of the Engineering team."

Dr. Sadia

Dr. Majed AlGhoribi, Chairman, KAIMARC, Riyadh, KSA

"Thank you for the support and assistance in our NGS need."

Dr. Majed AlGhoribi

Luke Esau, Research Scientist, KAUST Core Labs, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

"Thank you AGBL Team for the professional technical support."

Luke Esau

Bayan Alaslani, Lab Technician, Roya Lab, KAU, Jeddah, KSA

"The technical training was efficient, thank you!"

Bayan Alaslani

Ahmed Alahmed, Lab Manager, Horizion Lab, Riyadh, KSA

"The training was perfect! Thanks to the Field Application Specialist we learned a lot."

Ahmed Alahmed

Dr. Lasanta, Lab Manager, Sri Lanka

"We received very good training and understanding of the instrument. It was excellent."

Dr. Lasanta
Lab Manager / Sri Lanka

Priyanka Kurapati, Senior Quality Officer, Viafet Genetics Laboratory, UAE

"I greatly appreciate you taking the time to troubleshoot the issue and provide a quick solution. Thank you AGBL."

Priyanka Kurapati
Senior Quality Officer / Viafet Genetics Laboratory, UAE

Sahar Zahreddine, Lab Manager, Eastern Clinical Laboratory, UAE

"I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for all the support. It was really helpful."

Sahar Zahreddine

Dr. Nayyan Chaudhry & Syed Kazim Abbas Kazmi, AFIP, Pakistan

"We are really thankful to AGBL for providing us the training opportunity and for the meticulous training arrangements (more…)

Dr. Nayyan Chaudhry & Syed Kazim Abbas Kazmi

Getachew Abichu (DVM, MPH), Associate researcher in Molecular Biology laboratory, National Animal Health Diagnostic and Investigation Center (NAHDIC), Ethiopia

"The training conducted on the laboratory related to the validation was so important and very useful. An expert performed training very perfectly and efficiently."

Getachew Abichu

Andrea Towlerton, Clinical Research Division | Project Manager, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Uganda

"Fabulous job! We are sincerely appreciative of all your help!"

Andrea Towlerton,

DR. Ananthalakshmi kethireddy, Associate Researcher, Research Core Facility (OMICSRU) Health Sciences Center, Kuwait University, Kuwait

"Many thanks to the AGBL Tech Support Team for the excellent support and teamwork."

DR. Ananthalakshmi kethireddy

Philomena Eromon, Lab Manager, Reedemers university, Nigeria

"The AGBL Team instructor was very professional and did a good job!"

Philomena Eromon

Dr. Zahra Hassan, Professor, Section of Molecular Pathology, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Head, Section of Molecular Pathology, Agha Khan University, Pakistan

"The Field Applications Specialist was very thorough and patient with the instructions and gave good training for the usage of the MiniSeq and also details of how to make PCR libraries."

Dr. Zahra Hassan (Professor)
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Head, Section of Molecular Pathology / Agha Khan University, Pakistan

Nagira Umetalieva, In-Country Coordinator of SeqMDRTB_Net Project (NTRL, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), IMLred GmbH / RCB

"The AGBL Technical Support Team is always available and easily reachable to support us in any technical questions. Their strong (more…)

Nagira Umetalieva
In-Country Coordinator of SeqMDRTB_Net Project / (NTRL, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), IMLred GmbH / RCB

Professor Clement Adebamowo, African Collaborative Center for Microbiome and Genomics Research (ACCME), Biorepository and Research laboratory, Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria

"We are immensely grateful for the timely supply of reagents, consumables, kits and equipment for our 6 days hands-on-training (more…)

Professor Clement Adebamowo

Denis Mwangi, Operations Specialist – High Throughput Genotyping -International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Kenya

"Thank you AGBL, the Engineering Team was very helpful and professional."

Denis Mwangi

Professor Christian Happi, The African Center of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases (ACEGID) at the Redeemer’s University, Nigeria

"AGBL has provided us at ACEGID and our partner institutions with the best technologies. We are happy to say that technical and aftersales support has been readily available (more…)

Professor Christian Happi

Dr. Ingrid Labouba, Centre International de Recherches Medicales de Franceville (CIRMF), Gabon

"AGBL has always been able to respond to our technical concerns. Since 2013, we have been dealing with different engineers who all excelled in technical skills and post-visit availability."

Dr. Ingrid Labouba

Faizan Raza, Molecular Section Head, Dow Diagnostics FZ LLC, Dubai, UAE

"Azure C200 has great performance in order to visualize your gel, I strongly recommend this unit for diagnostic and research purposes. Thank you AGBL for your support. "

Faizan Raza
Molecular Section Head / Dow Diagnostics FZ LLC, Dubai, UAE

Captain Nana Yaa Snyper, Principal Investigator, MADCaP ‎Study, 37 Military Hospital, Accra, Ghana

"It’s been great so far getting excellent results from our DNA extractions, from the DNA concentration and purity from the DeNovix, great bands from the electrophoresis (more…)

Captain Nana Yaa Snyper


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