Project Description

Meet the Tapestri Platform

The Tapestri Platform is the only system capable of simultaneously providing both DNA and Protein single cell data across thousands of cells. Find out more about the platform from the Video below.


  • Capabilities
    • Single-cell Genomics (DNA)
    • SNV – Detect rare clonal populations and identify co-occurrence and zygosity.
    • SNV + CNV – Characterize genomic heterogeneity using a single, comprehensive platform.
    • Single-cell Multi-omics (DNA + Proteins)
    • DNA + Protein – Gain a true multi-omics picture from genotype to phenotype.
  • Hematological Malignancies – Single-cell insights are critical to determining the source of resistance, response, and relapse.
  • Solid Tumor – Clonal phylogeny and rare cell detection contribute to disease evolutio .
  • Genome Editing – Zygosity and co-occurrence of multiple on and off-edit targets make a difference .
  • Biomarker Development – Biomarker discovery helps stratify patients, signal resistance, and predict relapse .


Mission Bio also provides a range of highly sensitive and customizable targeted panels focusing on key regions of interest across a wide range of cancers for efficient use of sequencing budget and analysis time.

To find out more about these panels click here.

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