AGBL Afrique has announced that its customer Center of Biotechnology of Sfax (CBS) has successfully completed its first full SARS-CoV2 sequencing in Tunisia. The sequencing of the virus was performed at the CBS in collaboration with Habib Bourguiba and Fatouma Bourguiba Virology Departments using an NGS sequencing technologies supplied and supported by AGBL Afrique.

Mr. Mohamed Ben Marzouk, a senior Area Manager at AGBL Afrique, expressed his satisfaction, “We’re proud to be a part of the efforts to complete the first full SARS-CoV2 sequence in Tunisia, our team has been working diligently to support national and regional efforts to combat the virus.”

Professor Ahmed Rebai, Coordinator of the project, added “This is just a first milestone and others are to come with more NGS sequencing of viral and host genomes”.

Professor Saber Masmoudi, Director of Laboratoire de Procédés de Criblage Moléculaire et Cellulaire at CBS, said, “We are extremely happy to see our efforts come to fruition by completing this landmark research goal, and we are thankful for the support and assistance that the AGBL Afrique team has given us.”

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