Yourgene Health becomes a PacBio Compatible partner!

AGBL is excited to share that PacBio has qualified Yourgene’s LightBench® instrument for size selection of long DNA fragments, enabling high yields for HiFi sequencing data.

The LightBench® from Yourgene Health uses Ranger® Technology to deliver accurate size selection for target enrichment of DNA and includes the ability to perform fragment length analysis for additional quality control.

With an automated workflow to optimize walk-away time, the LightBench® offers a scalable size selection solution for the preparation of human gDNA libraries for HiFi sequencing.

To learn more about how the LightBench® from Yourgene Health enables PacBio Customers to Optimise Size Selection for Long-Read Sequencing Libraries, you can read here in the Tech Note.

For more information on Lightbench contact [email protected]

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