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Alliance Global is excited to exhibit at the Human Genetics, Personalized Genomics, and Epigenetics Conference, taking place in Bahrain on 17 and 18 March 2018.

Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils and the Arab Association of Genetic Research is organizing Human Genetics, Personalized Genomics, and Epigenetics Conference. It is the 1st conference of the Networking of Genetics in the Arab World.

Prominent keynote regional and international speakers will provide a state-of-the-art sessions and seminars for upgrading knowledge and exploring the innovations and recent advances in Genomic and Personalized Medicine, Genomic Variation Patterns among Arabs, and Regional Experience in Newborn Screening. To more, the conference will highlight the new and exciting field of Epigenetics and Human Diseases as well as the interaction between genes and diet in the development of chronic disease.

The conference will provide a great platform to clinical doctors to appreciate medical genetics from candidate genes to whole genome towards an advanced care of their patients who need genetic workout.

The conference will also bring together Medical and Molecular Geneticists, Clinicians, Scientists and Researchers and other Health Professionals, Sponsors and Exhibitors where they can interact and build professional and friendly relationships.

A workshop on strategic planning for Networking of Genetics Research and Education in the Arab World will be held following the conference to formulate a strong, productive and efficient Network for research and education of Genetics in the Arab World.

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