BioAutomation System

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Since 1999, BioAutomation has served the biotechnology industry with automation solutions to assist in research and development. Their strength is their ability to design, deliver and service solutions that are tailored to customers’ applications. Their oligonucleotide synthesizers provide scientists and researchers in the biotech field specialized tools capable of adapting to changing requirements.

Since their introduction, the MerMade family of DNA/RNA synthesizers have been used to synthesize millions of high quality oligonucleotides across a broad range of applications. BioAutomation’s oligonucleotide synthesizers are flexible enough to fit a wide variety of DNA and RNA synthesis applications including gene synthesis, PCR, RNAi, dual-labeled probes, microarrays, sequencing, and antisense experiments. The MerMade’s reliability, high throughput synthesis, cost efficient use of chemicals, scaleability and easy-to-use software combined with unparalleled customer service and technical support have made them the preferred choice for universities, national laboratories and pharmaceutical companies throughout the world.

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