Project Description

AGBL offers food safety products through MERCK. They offer the broadest range of proprietary testing platforms for the detection of food-borne pathogens, spoilage organisms, and hygiene and HACCP monitoring. Biocontrol help customers determine which tests best suits their needs.

• SimPlate® system with Binary Detection Technology™ represents the latest technological advancement in counting methods. SimPlate’s combination of pre-measured media and patented plating device provide accurate, easy-to-read results days faster than agar plate or film methods. Provides a rapid enumeration system to give quantitative results of the microbial population of food and environmental samples.

• 1-2 Test® for Salmonella is an antibody based assay for the detection of Salmonella in food and environmental samples.

• FLASH® Rapid Protein Detection Test is used to help quickly verify cleaning effectiveness by detecting protein residues, including allergens left on food contact surfaces after cleaning.

• VIP Gold (Visualimmuno Precipitate) is a lateral flow immunoassay for the detection of pathogens in food and environmental surfaces.

• TRANSIA PLATE incorporates proven enzyme linked immunoassay “sandwich” technology for the detection of food borne pathogens in both product and environmental samples.

• The Gemini™automated platform can process up to 192 samples and controls in one run, and multiple runs can be conducted in a day.

• MVP ICON hygiene monitoring product, the latest technology, accuracy, and reliability in one package.

The research offerings from Merck includes:

  • Food Production
  • Pathogen Testing
  • Hygiene Monitoring