Project Description

AGBL offers anatomical pathology solutions from Epredia, a global leader in the anatomical pathology field, providing comprehensive solutions for precision cancer diagnostics. Powered by key brands, including Erie, Menzel, Microm, Shandon, and Richard Allan, Epredia’s portfolio includes microscope slides, instruments and consumables.

Epredia is committed to achieving its mission to improve lives by enhancing cancer diagnostics for patients around the world.
Epredia product offerings:

  • Tissue Processing and Embedding
  • Cryotomy and Microtomy
  • Automated Staining and IHC Antibodies
  • Labeling and Tracking Solutions
  • Specialised Staining and Routine Reagents
  • Digitial Pathology Solutions
  • Archiving and Storage Solutions
  • Cassettes, Microscope Slides, Disposable Blades and more

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Product Information