Project Description

10x genomics
AGBL offers single cell and spatial transcriptomics instruments and assays from 10x Genomics. 10X Genomics are industry leaders in the single-cell and spatial analysis space and offers comprehensive workflows with everything from reagents to instruments and analysis software. The main instruments and assay solutions offered from 10x include:

Chromium X

Chromium X is the flagship instrument for all things single-cell from 10x Genomics. The Chromium X is compatible will all 10x Genomics chemistry and reagent kits allowing single-cell gene expression, immune profiling, ATAC chromatin accessibility and targeted gene expression.

Visium spatial gene expression and spatial proteogenomics

10x Genomics offer Visium spatial gene expression for next-generation molecular profiling and tissue classifying based on total mRNA. This technology allows the whole transcriptome to be mapped from FFPE or fresh frozen tissue sections, while at the same time retaining the morphological context.

Visium spatial proteogenomics provides tissue profiling with transcriptomics and protein co-detection. This technology combines whole transcriptome spatial analysis with immunofluorescence protein detection in the same tissue section. Spatial proteogenomics gives a deeper understanding of tissue organization with co-localized protein detection and gene expression analysis.

Visium CytAssist

Compatible with both Visium spatial gene expression and spatial proteogenomics, Visium CytAssist is designed to simplify workflows by transfering analytes from standard glass slides to Visium slides, enabling spatial profiling from an expanded range of sample types.

Xenium In Situ

The Xenium In Situ platform from 10x Genomics enables high throughput subcellular mapping of 100s of RNA targets, revealing new insights into cellular structure and function. The platform includes a versatile and easy-to-use instrument, sensitive and specific chemistry, and a diverse menu of customizable panels.

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