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Primerdesign is an innovative company focusing on the design, manufacture, validation and supply of real-time PCR kits and reagents. Primerdesign is focused on developing improved solutions for real-time PCR. Founded in 2005 within Southampton University’s School of Medicine, Primerdesign has unparalleled opportunities to access technology and clinically relevant material in pursuit of these goals. In partnership with ATDbio, also based in Southampton, Primerdesign specialises in developing real-time PCR assays and reagents manufactured and validated to the very highest standard.

The genesig range of qPCR detection kits includes kits for human pathogen detection, veterinary diseases, food & water analysis, GMO detection, species identification, Bio-threat detection and many more.

genesig® q16

The genesig q16 is a revolutionary qPCR instrument launched by Primerdesign Ltd. The instrument is designed to accompany the genesig® easy product range which includes kits for more than 400 different DNA testing applications. It can be connected to PC or stand alone with USB drive. Runs 16 samples at a time and you can run multiple test together as all Primerdesign kits have same cycling conditions

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