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Project Description

visualsonics logoAGBL offers High-Frequency Ultrasound imaging for small animals from FujiFilm VisualSonics Inc., a Canadian manufacturer of real-time in vivo, high-resolution micro imaging systems designed specifically for preclinical research.

Applications: Cardiology, Cancer, and Developmental Biology.

The Vevo® platform is the world’s first commercially available high-frequency array-based ultrasound imaging system and has since emerged as the gold standard in small animal in vivo imaging. The Vevo family of high-frequency ultrasound products enables researchers to obtain
in vivo anatomical, functional, physiological, and molecular data simultaneously, in real-time, and with a resolution down to 30 μm. The system is easy to use, non-invasive, and fast, providing extremely high-throughput when needed.

Vevo® 3100 Imaging Platform: The first high-frequency, high-resolution digital imaging platform with Linear Array Technology, Color Doppler Mode, M Mode, Tissue Doppler Mode, PW Doppler mode, Power Doppler. The system comes with a post acquisition software with detailed analysis capabilities for strain analysis. A high frequency imaging platform with customizable user interface and Vevo HD Image Technology.

Vevo® LAZR Imaging System: Photoacoustic imaging is a new in vivo hybrid imaging modality that combines the sensitivity and contrast of optical imaging with the depth and resolution of ultrasound. It provides high resolution anatomy & functional measurements including oxygen saturation, total haemoglobin, and microdistribution of biomarker.

Visualize the geometry and dynamics of the entire heart in one acquisition.

4D-Mode Imaging:

  • Complete data sets with no spatial or temporal assumptions.
  • One touch acquisition of in vivo 4D data.
  • Accurate volumetric measurements across all points in cardiac cycle.

Available on Vevo© 3100 Imaging System.

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