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Project Description

stem cell technologies agblAGBL offers specialized serum free media, primary cells, and antibodies for preclinical stem cell research and quality control testing from STEMCELL Technologies Inc., a biotechnology company based in Canada.

Highlighted below are some of the gold-standard products from the vast portfolio of serum-free defined media offered by STEMCELL Technologies Inc.

Hematopoietic Stem Cells: MethoCult™ is the gold standard media for the CFU functional assay which is used to quantify the viable and functional Hematopoietic stem cells obtained from cord blood / mobilized peripheral blood and bone-marrow. MethoCult™ is primarily used as a quality control assay for cord blood banks and drug-toxicity assays for research use. In order to streamline and decrease variability due to manual counts, STI is pleased to introduce the STEMvision™ for imaging and scoring of Hematopoietic colonies.

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: mTeSR™1 is the most widely published feeder-free cell culture medium for human embryonic stem cells (ES cells) and Induced Pluripotent Stem cells (iPS cells). Established mTeSR protocols are available for applications ranging from derivation to differentiation.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells: MesenCult™-ACF is a defined, serum-free culture media used to support efficient derivation and expansion of MSC from bone marrow (BM) and adipose tissue.

Neural Stem Cells: BrainPhys™ Neuronal Medium is designed to culture primary neurons from ES cells. It is more representative of the central nervous system extracellular environment and increases active neurons.

Cell Seperation
AGBL offers quick, easy, versatile, gentle and column free products for cell isolation from STEMCELL Technologies Inc.

Fast and Easy. Versatile. High Purities and Recoveries. Flow-Cytometry Compatible.

EasySep™: Fast, easy and column-free cell isolation. EasySep™ is a powerful immunomagnetic column-free cell isolation system capable of isolating highly purified cells in as little as 8 minutes. Our EasySep™ magnets enable cell isolation from a wide range of sample sizes and sources (including leukapheresis samples).
RoboSep™: Fully automated, walk-away cell isolation. RoboSep™ is the first instrument to offer labeling and separation steps of the EasySep™ cell isolation protocol. RoboSep™ avoids the need for columns
or tubing, eliminates sample cross contamination and is very easy to maintain.
RosetteSep™: Fast and easy cell isolation of untouched cells directly from human whole blood or buffy coat samples. RosetteSep™ uses no columns or magnets.
SepMate™: Hassle-free PBMC isolation in just 15 minutes. The SepMate™-50 tube contains a unique insert that prevents mixing between the blood and density medium (e.g. Ficoll-Paque™, Lymphoprep™), allowing all
density gradient centrifugation steps to be carried out quickly and consistently.

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