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Project Description

qsonica logoAGBL offers an ultrasonic liquid processor solution through Qsonica, LLC.

Qsonica has been a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of ultrasonic liquid processors for
over 40 years and produces some of The most powerful, technologically advanced and reliable ultrasonic devices
on the market.

  • The most innovative product from Qsonica is Q800R2 which is a 2nd generation DNA and Chromatin shearing
    system. Samples can be sheared to a range of fragment sizes (150bp-3kb). The system is compatible with commercially
    available sample tubes and is capable of processing up to 24 samples at one time.
  • Multiple tube rack options can accommodate 50ul – 1ml sample volumes using a variety of standard sample tubes.
  • The Q800R2 is a complete package including a chiller to control temperature, digital operating system with programmable memory, high intensity ultrasonics and sound reducing enclosure.
  • The system can be used for the below applications:
    • DNA shearing
    • Chromatin shearing
  • DNA shearing is part of the NGS workflow and will prepare your library preparation to match the size fragmentation required by your NGS protocol.

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