Project Description

AGBL offers molecular diagnostics solutions for oncological and infectious diseases from Vitro-Master Diagnostica. Their DNA Flow Technology provides platforms for rapid and accurate membrane-based reverse dot blot hybridization processes.

This approach enables the reaction between the target DNA molecules in a three-dimensional porous environment rather than surface hybridization, allowing the reactions- by using less reagent volumes- to be completed in shorter period of time and generating much higher signal intensities.

DNA Flow Chips available:

  • HPV Direct Flow Chip: Detection and genotyping of 36 HPV genotypes on the same chip, without DNA
  • AMR Direct Flow Chip: For detection of 20 antibiotic resistance genes.
  • Sepsis Flow Chip: For simultaneous detection of more than 4 pathogens and 20 antibiotic resistant genes responsible for sepsis.
  • STD Direct Flow Chip: For simultaneous detection of 11 STD-related pathogens.
  • Bacteria CNS Flow Chip: For simultaneous detection of bacteria and fungus causing CNS infections.
  • Tick-Borne Bacteria Flow Chip: The only validated method for simultaneous detection of 7 tick-borne bacteria genera.
  • Tropical Infection: Coming Soon.

All kits and devices are CE-IVD marked.

HybriSpot Devices

HybriSpot 24

  • Fully Automated system
  • Two 12-sample hybridization chambers (24 samples)
  • Ability to perform two techniques at the same time
  • Bar-code identification of reagents and samples (strips)
  • Comprehensive process control by sensors
  • UV light for DNA decontamination

Hybrispot PCR auto

  • Fully automated: Amplification, Denaturation and Hybridization
  • UV light for DNA decontamination
  • Extremely robust and compact

HybriSpot 12:

  • Semi-automatic
  • Maximum 12 samples
  • Programmed buzzer to indicate the end of each step
  • Monitor screen to control temperature and time

Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

Master Diagnostica immunohistochemistry reagents offer a wide panel of primary antibodies optimized for in vitro diagnostic on paraffin tissue and universal ultrasensitive IHC detection systems based on micro-polymer technology. With more than 350 CE-IVD Antibodies and all IHC buffers and accessories, Master Diagnostica aims to provide high quality and innovative antibodies for the clinical market and research centres.

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