Project Description

AGBL offers molecular diagnostics solutions for oncological and infectious diseases from Master Diagnostica.

Master Diagnostica microarray chips are currently used around the world to prevent cervical cancer (second most common cancer). The company also provides products for the testing of sepsis within only 4 hours and to diagnose both viral or bacterial meningitis.

All Master Diagnostica kits and devices are CE-IVD marked.

DNA Flow Chips available:

  • HPV Direct Flow Chip: 36 genotypes on the same chip, without DNA extraction!
  • Antibiotic-Resistant Markers Direct Flow Chip Kit
  • Sexual Transmitted Disease Direct Flow Chip Kit
  • Sepsis Flow Chip: simultaneous detection of pathogens responsible for sepsis and their antibiotics resistances!
  • Viral CNS Flow Chip: simultaneous detection of 8 viruses causing neurological infections!
  • Bacteria CNS Flow Chip: simultaneous detection of 10 bacteria causing neurological infections!
  • Tick-Borne Bacteria Flow Chip : the only validated method with up to 7 bacteria genera in multiplex!

HybriSpot Devices

HybriSpot 24

  • Fully Automated system for the hybridization procedure
  • Two 12-sample hybridization chambers (24 samples)
  • Ability to perform two techniques at the same time
  • Bar-code identification of reagents and samples (strips)
  • Comprehensive process control by sensors
  • UV light for DNA decontamination

HybriSpot 12:

  • Semi-automatic
  • Maximum 12 samples
  • Programmed buzzer to indicate the end of each step
  • Monitor screen to control temperature and time

Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
Master Diagnostica immunohistochemistry reagents offer a wide panel of primary antibodies optimized for in vitro diagnostic on paraffin tissue and universal ultrasensitive IHC detection systems based on micro-polymer technology. With more than 350 CE-IVD Antibodies and all IHC buffers and accessories, Master Diagnostica aims to provide high quality and innovative antibodies for the clinical market and research centers.