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iq products logoAGBL offers a wide range of high quality antibody-based diagnostic products through IQ Products, based in The Netherlands in 1987 , develop innovative kits
in niche areas and currently focuses on Women’s Health and pregnancy related disorders in particular.

Flow cytometry is one of IQ Products specialties, also includes ELISA, antibodies and other assays.

Perinatal: An excellent range of products for the detection and quantification of Fetal Maternal Hemorrhage.
Oncology: provides high quality products specifically selected to support women’s oncological research.
Sepsis & Inflammation: Diagnostic tools for the detection and monitoring of sepsis and inflammation using flow cytometry or ELISA platforms.
Transplantation: Complete, ready-to-use antigenemia test kits for the diagnosis of an active CMV infection. These are IVD/CE registered as well as FDA cleared.
Specialties: Unique and ready-to-use antibodies and complete innovative diagnostic kits developed for all currently available flow cytometers.
Antibodies: A wide range of high quality single, dual and triple color antibody reagents in line with diagnostic guidelines in flow cytometry analysis.

IQ Products comply to the highest quality standards, according to ISO 13485:2003. IQ Products manufactures according to IVD CE and FDA regulations.

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