Project Description

diagnostics logoAGBL offers a complete profile for phenotypic identification of micro-organisms, bacteria and yeasts through Diagnostics i.n.c.

Diagnostics i.n.c. is a Slovak company, which is engaged in research and development of medical devices in the field of microbiology since year 2010. Their products find application mainly in the laboratories of clinical microbiology, microbiology and environmental microbiology of food.

Products can be divided into a several product lines:
• Diagnostic kits
• Diagnostic strips
• Diagnostic discs
• Reagents and auxiliary agents
• Susceptibility products:
– MIC lits and strips
– Suspension media for MIC kits

Product Features:
• Universal identification kits with high identification efficiency
• Technological innovation in the form of bi-functional tests
• Working without a suspension medium
• Stability of the products in time and the possibility of storage of the majority of products at room temperature
• Free evaluation software for users
• MIC Kits and Strips are cost effective, in accordance with EUCAST and easy to read