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Project Description

AGBL offers optical imaging platforms for fluorescence and bioluminescence in small animals from Biospace Lab, founded in France.

Applications: Cancer, Infectious Diseases, Stem Cell Research, Neuroscience, Cerenkov Luminescence Imaging, and Near Infrared Fluorescence Imaging.

The PhotonIMAGERTM Optima is an in vivo modular system for the non-invasive detection, localization, and quantification of dynamic optical signal. A unique photon counting technology makes it extremely sensitive from the very start of image acquisition and enables the unparalleled kinetic recording of dynamic processes without the need for setting acquisition time or pixel binning prior to imaging.

  • Macrolens, module for high resolution optical imaging
  • 4-View – 3D module for an even better localization and quantification of optical signals
  • TOMO FLUO, module for 3D Fluorescent Imaging
  • X-Ray module for a better anatomical localization of optical signals
  • The PhotonIMAGER RT system is a modular entry level solution for routine in vivo luminescence and fluorescence imaging applications

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