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Project Description

biosan logoBioSan has been a reliable and responsible Latvian manufacturer of innovative general laboratory equipment for more than 18 years. In 2005, Grant Instruments, a UK-based company well known as a world leader in the manufacture and design of thermostating equipment for sample preparation, became an equal partner of BioSan. The main mission of BioSan is the development of new methods of research and diagnostics as well as the design of innovative and reliable equipment for sample preparation and molecular diagnostics in Life Sciences.

BioSan presents instruments for:

•   Sample Mixing

•   Sample Thermostating

•   Sample Centrifugation

•   Cell Cultivation

•   Sterile Operations with DNA/RNA Molecules Prior PCR Analyses

•   UV Air Disinfection

•   Fluorometric PCR Products Analyses by End Point

•   Immunological Analysis

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