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biomolecular systems logoAGBL offers the MIC, a Real-time PCR System developed and manufactured by Bio Molecular Systems (BMS), an Australian company founded by the original team behind Rotor-Gene Q and Corbet System.

The World First Magnetic Induction Cycler.
The Box is Small. The Ideas are Big.

Speed: MIC is an open, real-time PCR system that uses a patented magnetic induction technology to achieve heating and forced airflow for cooling. This means faster heating and cooling times. The instruments are available
with either 2 or 4 channels, and have a robust optical system that reads all four channels simultaneously with a fixed optical path and no moving parts. No optical alignment or calibration is necessary.

Accuracy: MIC’s spining aluminum rotor gives unsurpassed temperature uniformity during dynamic and static operation.

Size: MIC takes up less space on the bench than your lab book and weighs just 2kgs. It’s the most portable, compact qPCR instrument in the market. MIC qPCR tube format uses 0.1 ml strip of 4 tubes and matching caps supporting a volume of 5-30 μl.

Connectivity: Multiple MIC’s can be operated from your workstation. Instruments can communicate via bluetooth or USB, and you can connect up to10 instruments to one PC.

AQ Absolute Quantification
RQ Relative Quantification
Gen Melt / Allelic Discrimination
HRM High Resolution Melting

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