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Project Description

azure biosystems logoAGBL offers modular solutions from basic to fluorescent western blot from Azure Biosystems based in the US, manufacturers of a series of instruments for gel image capture and analysis.

Sapphire Biomolecular Imager
The Next Generation Lab Imaging Platform

  • Up to four solid state lasers, offering ultimate excitation sensitivity
  • Photon multiplier tube (PMT) for fluorescence and phosphor imaging, avalanche photodiodies (APD) for near-infrared imaging and a CCD sensor for chemiluminescent and visible imaging
  • Ultra-wide dynamic range for imaging and quantifying low and high abundance samples simultaneously
  • Image resolution down to 10 microns for high-quality image analysis

Fore more information about the Imager, please visit Sapphire Biomolecular Imager.

The Azure™ cSeries is the only CCD based imaging systems that is fully upgradable to a laser based IR Western imaging system. Thus, customers can merge separate gel documentation, Chemiluminescent Western imaging, Visible Fluorescent Westerns imaging and IR Western imaging applications in one compact platform. To support the imaging systems Azure™ Biosystems also produces a line of Western blotting reagents and antibodies for seamless integration of each step of the Western blotting process.

For more information, please visit Azure Biosystems

Azure Biosystems cSeries Imaging Systems Video

The Azure cSeries Imaging Systems let you capture Western blot images any way you choose. The c600 offers laser infrared fluorescent, LED visible flourescent and chemiluminescent imaging all in one system.

The c200-c500 imagers are all fully upgradeable.

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