Project Description

Avicenna is a new brand of the Alliance Global Group, the company aims to provide innovative and smart diagnostic products and tools to today’s modern laboratories, the company’s range of products is the result of in-house research and development as well as collaborations with reliable manufacturers.

AviChem Line: Full Automation Clinical chemistry analyzer and Dedicated Reagents

AviChem 6.0: an automated high-capacity instrument specifically manufactured to meet the needs of the medium to large market segment. Offers high throughput capability; 600 tests / hour (450 photometric + 150 ISE).
• Stand-alone compact analyzer at 96(w) X 70(d) X 120(h) cm and light weight (115 kg)
• Dual sample loading chains
• Low water consumption (< 7 Liters per hour)
• Fully integrated computer
• Automatic wash for reaction cuvettes with integrated Cuvette Quality Assurance System
• Up to 100 reagents on board
• Dual pad mixer
• User-friendly software with touchscreen
• Capacity up to 100 samples with continuous loading

AviChem RX: A wide range of ready to use barcoded clinical chemistry reagents and drugs of abuse.