It is a 3 days-course during which trainees will be introduced to the principles and recent developments in Genomics.
The course will combine lectures, theoretical sessions and practical classes in order to familiarize trainees with Genomics and the most innovative techniques related to Applied Genomics.

Trainees will learn about:

  • Principles in human Genetics and Genomics
  • Recent development in Applied Genomics
  • State of the art in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) techniques
  • Principles and concept of sequencing data analysis

Trainees will also master the following techniques:

  • DNA/RNA quality and quantity assessment
  • Fragmentation of DNA and fragment analysis
  • Sequencing by synthesis (SBS)

This course is suitable for:

  • Medical laboratory technicians
  • University/College students studying Chemistry, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Medical Technology or other Life Sciences fields
  • Postgraduate students of Science
  • BSc or MSc Molecular Biology, Biotechnology graduates who are looking to refresh their knowledge

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A quiz will be administered at the end of this course in order for candidates to gauge their level of understanding of the course material.