Course Overview

It is a 5 days-course during which trainees will learn the basic techniques of microbial metagenomics NGS and their use in laboratory practice. The course will combine lectures, theoretical sessions and practical classes in order to provide the trainees with the best-practices in applied genomics.

Trainees will learn about:

  • Fundaments and recent developments in Genomics
  • Applications of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in the fields of Microbiology, especially Environmental Metagenomics
  • The principles of sample and library preparation in NGS-based metagenomics approaches (Shotgun and 16S)
  • Evaluation and monitoring of sequencing run metrics on MiSeq
  • Data Analysis

Trainees will also master the following techniques:

  • Sample preparation
  • Library preparation (Shotgun approach)
  • Sequencing by synthesis (SBS) technology
  • Data formats, QC and assembly
  • Web-based data analysis tools for both 16S and shotgun approaches

This course is suitable for:

Scientists, Researchers, Post Doc, PhD students and laboratory technicians familiar with Microbial Genomics willing to master their knowledge and hands-on in NGS and SBS technology.

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