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Our team of highly-experienced scientists develop courses that include hands-on training for students and researchers.

Dr Joseph Mafofo
Dr Joseph MafofoPhD Genomics | University of the Western Cape, South Africa

Dr.Mafofo has over 10 years experience in the field of next-generation sequencing and genomics.

He was a senior researcher for the NGS platform at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa and was also the head for laboratories such as ARC in ZA, Ondersterpoort Veterinary Institute in ZA and CPGR in ZA. He has authored over 8 publications.

Divinlal Harilal
Divinlal HarilalMSc. Biotechnology | Bharathiar University, India

Mr. Harilal has extensive experience in the field of sequencing having spent 5 years as a Sequencing Service Provider and Project Manager. This was followed by 3 years as a Field Application Specialist acquiring training and trouble shooting skills with Next Generation Sequencing products.

Nikita Fiji
Nikita FijiMSc. Biotechnology | VIT University, India

Ms. Fiji brings with her 4 years of experience in Molecular Biology laboratory techniques. Having worked with the ACTREC, Tata Memorial Center in India, she has extensive research experience in cell and molecular biology.

Dr Sathishkumar Ramaswamy
Dr Sathishkumar RamaswamyPhD Bioinformatics | Bharathiar University, India

Dr Ramaswamy has 4 years experience in Next Generation Sequencing data analysis as a Senior Scientist and Team Leader at Genome Informatics at Genotypic Technology, India. He also spent 5 years in Molecular Biology and Proteomics Data Analysis as a Senior Research Fellow in Bharathiar University and CPCRI, India. Dr Ramaswamy has rich experience in analyzing Illumina Sequencing data, Ion data, PAcBio and Nanopore with 10 research publications and 9 conference papers to his name.

Gess Thoms Xavier
Gess Thoms XavierM.Tech Bioinformatics | Karunya University, India

Mr. Xavier is highly experiencedin the field of Bioinformatics and was Bioinformatics Programmer at SciGenome Lab in the NGS data analysis field. His expertise lies in analysis pipeline development along with developing and deploying containerized apps in cloud. MR. Xavier also has a thorough understanding of HPC and cloud analysis platform.

Hala Altaher
Hala AltaherMSc. Molecular Medicine | University of Sheffield, UK