AGBL LABS™ Conducted “Life Sciences LITE Career Options” course for high school students

AGBL Labs were pleased to host the course Life Sciences LITE Career Options, as a new addition to their “A day at the lab” courses offered for school students.

The LITE course was designed to meet the level of a younger audience, aged 12 to 15 years old. As we could see a need for those students to get better understanding to some concepts and terminologies when related to careers and occupations in Life Sciences, this course aim is to help those students decide on the subjects to choose for their coming school years and the career direction they shall consider.

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The LITE course took place at the AGBL Labs on the 24th of Feb 2018, where students coming from different schools and curriculums in Dubai attended.  For this young audience, the course consisted of basic explanations for the meanings of Life Sciences, the fast developing fields of Biotechnology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, as well as the Applications of computer science in the different fields of Life Sciences.

All those young students got the chance to tour in the AGBL Labs, get introduced to many cutting edge instruments and tools. Then each student did their own experiments, extracting DNA from Banana and performing Agarose gel electrophoresis hands on.

The course was a hit, both students and presenters enjoyed a day that was full of learning and fun, with many interesting questions discussed!

We at AGBL Labs are looking forward our next course that is coming very soon.

If you need any information about the coming courses please contact [email protected]

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