AGBL Egypt installs COVID-19 sequencing system at the Animal Healthcare Research Institute

AGBL Egypt successfully installed a next generation sequencing system at the Animal Healthcare Research Institute in Cairo. The system will be used for many purposes but the main usage of the system during the COVID-19 pandemic will be to research and sequence the virus.

Mr Mohamed Abdel Hakim, Area Sales Manager at AGBL Egypt, said, “We are proud to support the Animal Research Institute. We think this latest sequencing technology will help them greatly in their research work and we also understand that the institute will use the system for COVID-19 work. This is another step for our team in helping the national efforts to combat the virus.”

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About AGBL Egypt

AGBL Egypt is a member of the AGBL group of companies, the largest biomedical distribution group in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia region. The group is dedicated to bringing innovative technologies and products to researchers, clinicians, and diagnostic centers in emerging healthcare markets. AGBL Egypt is headquartered in Cairo and covers Egypt and Sudan.

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