AGBL East Africa supports the Africa Genomics Center in Nairobi in the fight against COVID-19

AGBL East Africa successfully installed and commissioned four COVID-19 testing systems for the Africa Genomics Center and Consultancy in Nairobi.

Mr. Amrulah Hassen, Country Sales Manager at AGBL East Africa, expressed his satisfaction, “The early detection of COVID-19 is critical in the efforts to stop the spread of the virus. We believe that the solution provided to the Africa Genomics Center and Consultancy in Nairobi will help them greatly in this effort; we want to make sure that our customers are well equipped in their fight against this pandemic”

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About AGBL East Africa

AGBL East Africa is a member of the AGBL group of companies; the largest biomedical distribution group in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia region. The group is dedicated to bringing innovative technologies and products to researchers, clinicians, and diagnostic centers in emerging healthcare markets. AGBL East Africa is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya and covers East Africa.

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