AGBL Abyssinia Launch Event

AGBL is proud to announce that its AGBL Abyssinia Office is now fully operational to deliver novel biomedical products and technologies including Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) to the Ethiopian and Northeast African market.

Ethiopia’s central location, large population and abundant resources, allied to its rich history and present political stability and social policies make it a strategically important player in the region and ideal location for AGBL to establish its presence.

The rich ethnic and cultural diversity of Ethiopia also provides an opportunity to understand the level to which cultural factors correlate and shape genetic structure in human populations, and makes it an ideal location for AGBL’s ongoing engagement with cutting-edge genetic research.

The AGBL Abyssinia launch event took place at the Addis Ababa Hyatt Regency and was attended by HE Jemal Beker, State Minister for Innovation and Technology, Dr Kassahun Tesfaye, Director General of the Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute (EBTi), Dr Tamer Degheidy, AGBL Chief Executive Officer, Rodolphe Vetchenou, Illumina Executive Territory Manager, and other dignitaries.

AGBL Keynote speakers addressed corporate overview of the AGBL Group, Next Generation Sequencing solutions and introduced the audience to Illumina’s benchtop sequencer; the iSeq 100 system. AGBL also celebrated the establishment of its training Lab at Ethiopian Biotechnology institute (EBTi) and there was an official signing of the MoU between AGBL and EBTi.

AGBL Chief Executive Officer, Dr Tamer Degheidy, expressed his delight at the cooperation: “Africa is a developing market and Ethiopia is well placed to lead it in science and technology, especially in the area of genomic-genetic research.”

Check out these wonderful highlights!

                                                                  AGBL Abyssinia Launch Gallery

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