Training Courses

The AGBL LABS™ training courses are intended for scientists, researchers and students who desire to enhance their lab skills and knowledge in areas of Molecular Biology and Genomics

AGBL LABS™ courses combine theoretical and practical training as well as trainee quizzes to achieve:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the principles and theories underlying the technologies
  • An up-to-date picture of the latest trends in the industry
  • Essential and useful hands-on bench skills that can be employed in a real life lab setting


The AGBL LABS™ courses will include advanced, basic and custom courses in the following applications:
1. Introduction to Life Sciences (Opportunities & Career Options)
2. Summer School for University students
3. Molecular Biology Techniques
4. NGS Lite
5. Assessment of QC in NGS Workflow
6. NGS Basic
7. NGS Advanced – RNA Seq
8. NGS Advanced – Metagenomics
9. NGS Advanced – Targeted Seq
10. Custom Training Courses

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