Epicentre – a subsidiary of Illumina – is offering innovative kits for life science research in academic, commercial, and government laboratories in diverse applications all across the world. The company, initially founded in 1987, has ever since contributed in the production and manufacturing of enzymes and offers products for DNA and RNA purification and sequencing, gene expression analysis, PCR and RT-PCR, cloning, in-vitro transcription as well as microbial genomics.

Epicentre’s range also includes Meta-G-Nome™ DNA Isolation Kit which can be applied for isolation of fosmid cloning-ready metagenomic DNA from microbes in water, soil, and compost samples and using the DNA further for PCR or next-generation sequencing. This kits helps in avoiding bead-beating, agarose plugs, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis, or size selection and also no phenol/chloroform extractions or CTAB.

For more information about Epicentre, please visit www.epibio.com


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