Azure Biosystems


Azure™ Biosystems Inc.

Azure™ Biosystems Inc., headquartered in California, USA, are manufacturers of series of instruments for gel image capture and analysis to meet the demands of the growing scientific industry. The Azure™ Biosystems cSeries offers five unique, modular, gel imaging systems that can be easily upgraded to provide greater control and flexibility to customers. Having the experience of developing the 2nd and 3rd generation gel imaging systems for the life science market, the Azure™ Biosystem’s development team have applied their in-depth technical expertise and market knowledge in creating the 4th generation innovative solution for protein biology laboratories.

The Azure™ cSeries is the only CCD based imaging systems that is fully upgradable to a laser based IR Western imaging system. Thus, customers can merge separate gel documentation, Chemiluminescent Western imaging, Visible Fluorescent Westerns imaging and IR Western imaging applications in one compact platform. To support the imaging systems Azure™ Biosystems also produces a line of Western blotting reagents and antibodies for seamless integration of each step of the Western blotting process.

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