AGBL LABS™ hosts Life Sciences Career Options course for High School Students

AGBL LABS™ were delighted to host their very first “Life Sciences Career Options” course in their venue at Dubai Science Park, which took place on Tuesday 28th of November 2017 for a bright group of year 12 (A-level) students of Sunmarke School Dubai.

This course is considered to be the first of its kind in the region. It comes as one of the “A Day at the Lab” series of courses that were introduced earlier this year, to comply with the AGBL LABS™ mission of enabling Science Labs through Quality Training.

AGBL LABS Life Sciences Career Options Course

The courses are carefully designed for high school students. The idea behind it arises from knowing how difficult it could be for a student to make a choice regarding their future career, especially when those young students do not really know what those majors actually mean, or what type of job they can have if they choose a specific major. Other courses were also designed for students with special interest in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology or Bioinformatics, giving students a chance for hands-on experiments with lab tools and equipment that would not be available in regular school laboratories.

During the course, students were explained what Life Science is and the different majors’ included in it, like Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology branches such as Cell and Molecular Biology etc. They were shown what careers they can pursue if they choose any of those majors; in all academic, applied and business directions. Students also got the chance to meet experts in the different majors presented and talk to them/ask questions on what they studied or why they choose their jobs.

The best part of the day was the practical session, where students went taken to the lab and had an introductory tour of all the state-of-the-art equipment, including the Illumina DNA sequencer. They then got the chance to conduct hands-on experiments on Cell Biology and Molecular Biology, and get a taste of what actual lab work feels like.

AGBL LABS Life Sciences Career Options Course

Overall, the course was a lot of fun and successful, and we at AGBL LABS™ could not be happier to hear the students’ positive feedback about their Day in the Lab.

We look forward to our next training course for more groups of bright students, where we can offer this course in addition to all the other courses of “A Day at the Lab”. Contact us to know more about the exciting courses we offer.

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