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AGBL LABS™ hosts Life Sciences Career Options course for High School Students

AGBL LABS™ were delighted to host their very first “Life Sciences Career Options” course in their venue at Dubai Science Park, which took place on Tuesday 28th of November 2017 for a bright group of year 12 (A-level) students of Sunmarke School Dubai.

This course is considered to be the first of its kind in the region. It comes as one of the “A Day at the Lab” series of courses that were introduced earlier this year, to comply with the AGBL LABS™ mission of enabling Science Labs through Quality Training.

AGBL LABS Life Sciences Career Options Course

The courses are carefully designed for high school students. The idea behind it arises from knowing how difficult it could be for a student to make a choice regarding their future career, especially when those young students do not really know what those majors actually mean, or what type of job they can have if they choose a specific major. Other courses were also designed for students with special interest in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology or Bioinformatics, giving students a chance for hands-on experiments with lab tools and equipment that would not be available in regular school laboratories.

During the course, students were explained what Life Science is and the different majors’ included in it, like Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology branches such as Cell and Molecular Biology etc. They were shown what careers they can pursue if they choose any of those majors; in all academic, applied and business directions. Students also got the chance to meet experts in the different majors presented and talk to them/ask questions on what they studied or why they choose their jobs.

The best part of the day was the practical session, where students went taken to the lab and had an introductory tour of all the state-of-the-art equipment, including the Illumina DNA sequencer. They then got the chance to conduct hands-on experiments on Cell Biology and Molecular Biology, and get a taste of what actual lab work feels like.

AGBL LABS Life Sciences Career Options Course

Overall, the course was a lot of fun and successful, and we at AGBL LABS™ could not be happier to hear the students’ positive feedback about their Day in the Lab.

We look forward to our next training course for more groups of bright students, where we can offer this course in addition to all the other courses of “A Day at the Lab”. Contact us to know more about the exciting courses we offer.

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Alliance Global inaugurated its Center of Excellence on the 17th of October 2016

Alliance Global’s Center of Excellence (AGBL Labs) was inaugurated on the 17th of October 2016. A very special occasion for the company which marks a new chapter in the history of AGBL. We were joined by some very special guests from Illumina, namely Paula Dowdy the newly appointed Senior Vice President and General Manager of Commercial Operations for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, who had inaugurated the lab. Please see below for some pictures from the event.




Qsonica, LLC (Newtown, Connecticut) USA, signed an exclusive distribution agreement with AGBL

Qsonica, LLC (Newtown, Connecticut) USA, signed an exclusive distribution agreement with AGBL to bring their 2nd generation DNA and Chromatin shearing system (Q800R2) to AGBL Group’s markets.
“Being able to offer our customers the Q800R2 sonicator platform from Qsonica will enable them to improve their next-generation sequencing work. Q800R2 allows to finely control the size distribution of sheared fragments. The Q800R2 system fits our customers’ needs and complements AGBL’s Life science portfolio”, says Dr. Simona Maciotta, Product manager at Alliance Global.
“We are very excited to work with AGBL and to utilize their extensive sales network in the region,” says Marc Lustig, Director of Business Development at Qsonica.
About Qsonica
Qsonica has been a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of ultrasonic liquid processors for over 40 years and produces some of the most powerful, technologically advanced and reliable ultrasonic devices on the market. Sonicator products can be found around the world in thousands of laboratories with applications spanning the fields of microbiology, nanotechnology, epigenetics, genomics and life science. The Q800R2 DNA shearing system offers high throughput sonication at a low cost and is used by prominent labs around the world.
Qsonica, LLC, brings together decades of ultrasonic engineering and application expertise since 1970.

Diagnostics s.r.o. signed an exclusive distribution agreement with AGBL

Diagnostics s.r.o. signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the AGBL to bring new Diagnostic devices in clinical microbiology and environmental microbiology of food to AGBL Group’s markets.

“Adding Diagnostics to AGBL microbiology portfolio will enable us to offer a complete profile for pathogen identification with high-quality products and a full coverage to microbiology line in a wide region. Offering Diagnostics products will fulfil our customer needs and expand our market”, says Nisreen Haddadin, Product Manager at Alliance Global.

About Diagnostics s.r.o.
Diagnostics s.r.o. is a Slovak company, which is engaged in research and development of medical devices in the field of microbiology from year 2010. They are focusing on the phenotypic identification of microorganisms, bacteria and yeasts. Their products find application mainly in the laboratories of clinical microbiology, microbiology and environmental microbiology of food. The offered products can be divided into a several product lines: Diagnostic kits, Diagnostic strips, Diagnostic discs, reagents and auxiliary agents. Diagnostics activities can be divided into research and product development. Diagnostics are developed according to the requirements of customers. The aim of the research and development is an efficient, reliable, safe and financially affordable product. Diagnostics s.r.o. have established and maintained system of quality management according to requirements STN EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012.
More information is available at-

Advance Analytical Technologies (AATI) and Alliance Global Group sign an exclusive distribution agreement.

Dubai, June 2016

Advance Analytical Technologies, Inc., (AATI Ankeny, IA) signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the AGBL Group (Dubai, UAE) to bring AATI automated capillary electrophoresis instruments solution to AGBL Group’s markets.

“Being able to offer our customers the AATI CE-based technology for biomolecules analysis will enable them to expand their high throughput next-generation sequencing work. AATI’s Fragment Analyzer is in fact the perfect solution for “laborious and time-consuming” work being done in many of our customers’ labs, and being able to automate fragmentation and size selection will help our customers greatly. The technologies and products offered by AATI fit our customers’ needs and complement AGBL’s Life science portfolio”, says Dr. Simona Maciotta, Product manager at Alliance Global.

About AATI

Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc., (AATI) develops, manufactures, and markets low and high-throughput, fully-automated nucleic acid genetic analysis systems. AATI platforms optimize and accelerate complex genomics workflows for basic science and commercial applications in multiple life science industries including: genomics, molecular diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, biotechnology, synthetic biology, biofuels, and agriculture. The company’s product portfolio has instruments for parallel analysis of DNA, RNA, pharmaceutical compounds, and proteins using capillary electrophoresis (CE) with fluorescence or UV absorbance detection. The Fragment Analyzer™ is AATI’s flagship platform recognized as the best-in-class multi-channel automated fluorescence-based CE detection system. Advanced Analytical has facilities in Ankeny, Iowa, USA and Heidelberg, Germany. More information is available at-

AGBL launched The Molecular Biology Techniques I Course on 3rd of April

AGBL LABS™ successfully ran on the 3rd of April the first course in Molecular Biology Techniques I. In this course trainees learned the basic techniques of applied molecular biology, their use in laboratory practice and troubleshooting. The course combined lectures, theoretical sessions and practical classes in order to provide the trainees with the best-practices in applied molecular biology. Our trainers included both Application Scientists and Application Specialists with international experience in Genomics and Molecular Biology. The course will be launched again at the end of May 2016.





Alliance Global Group announces the opening of a regional office in Cape Town, South Africa

Dubai, May 2015 – The Alliance Global Group announced today the opening of a new regional office in Cape Town, South Africa. The new office will serve researchers, clinicians and diagnosticians across Sub-Saharan Africa. The new office is a short distance away from the Department of Medicine at the University of Cape Town. “The opening up of the newest member of the AGBL family in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa, has been met with a welcoming sense of excitement and profound expectation by the scientific community. It is in this Spirit of Ubuntu (Nguni word for “a shared humanity”) that Alliance Global wishes to share its technical and intellectual capital as a vehicle for transformation and contribute to the African Renaissance”, says Mr. Fahrie Hassan, Regional Manager of the AGBL office in Cape Town.

The AGBL South African team will provide marketing, after-sale services and technical support to the Sub Saharan countries.

AGBL South Africa Office Address:

N0. 1 Bridgeway Road

Bridgeways Precinct

Century City, 7441

Cape Town – South Africa

O:     +27 (0) 21 830 5691

F:     +27 (0) 21 413 0900

Alliance Global Group Arabia | Egypt | Afrique | South Africa | Pakistan I Asia I East Africa | Maghreb | South Africa

Write to us for more information:

Alliance Global enjoys success at Arab Health 2015, Dubai


February  2015, Dubai

The Arab Health show is the largest medical device and health science annual trade show in the Middle East and one of the largest in the world. The four-day event had over 83,000 visitors from 142 countries and over 3500 exhibiting companies showcasing the very latest medical breakthroughs and technological developments in healthcare.  The 40th edition of Arab Health was held in Dubai, UAE from January 26th -29th , 2015 in Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The Arab Health 2015 were marked by many highlights. Alliance Global was one of the silver sponsors for this event.  With outstanding success, AGBL presented its products & services on booth # RN30 located in Sheikh Rashid Hall.  A large and beautifully designed 72 sqm booth on the main concourse gave AGBL great visibility and an opportunity to meet lots of new and interesting people from the scientific community. Our double decker booth with stunning white LED light setting attracted the visitors around the booth.  Alliance Global had also organized technical training for its products for the sales team that had flown in from all over the MENA region during the Arab Health.

The energy at the show was palpable, which complimented the team’s enthusiasm in launching new life sciences and diagnostics products.

Ebola virus outbreak – Alliance Global on the spot

Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed an Ebola outbreak in Western Africa. Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreaks have a case fatality of up to 90%. EVD is one of the most dangerous diseases with no known vaccine or cure. It is mostly transmitted through close personal contact and exposure to bodily fluids and secretions of an infected person. The countries affected in this outbreak currently include Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Clients with employees in this region should be aware of preventive measures the employees may take as well as the signs and symptoms of illness.

We at Alliance Global are fully aware of the importance of early detection of Ebola virus, and we support our clients throughout the AGBL region with complete solution to detect Ebola virus

For more information on AGBL’s offering for the detection of Ebola, please contact us at:

Illumina MiSeq Sequencer Lights Up Diagnostics Research in Eastern and Central Africa

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Senior Field Application Specialist from Alliance Global Group Claudia Hasche (3rd Right) with scientists and research assistants undergoing training on
the use of the illumina Miseq at the BecA-ILRI Hub in Nairobi, Kenya

From the 24th June up to 5th July 2013, the BecA-ILRI Hub was hosting a training workshop on the use of the newly installed Illumina genome sequencing machine (MiSeq). The training conducted by Claudia Hasche, a senior field application specialist from the Alliance Global Group, included both wet-lab sessions as well as a number of presentations describing the MiSeq system and its different applications.

A first of its kind in the eastern Africa region, the MiSeq will enable the BecA-ILRI Hub genomics platform better meet the expectations of emerging research, capacity building and services demands in the BecA region and beyond. The Illumina MiSeq will significantly increase the capabilities of the genomics platform reduce sequencing costs.

“I am really excited about the possibilities this new sequencer presents,” says Francesca Stomeo a genomics scientist at the BecA-ILRI Hub who played a key role in organizing the workshop. “The MiSeq is more user-friendly, it is faster and it is less expensive to operate than other next generation sequencing platforms.

Among the scientists in the region who will have access to the new sequencer for their crop and livestock disease diagnostics research are Joseph Ndunguru, principal scientist at the Mikocheni Agricultural Research Institute in Tanzania for his work on cassava viruses; ILRI Biosciences teams working on animal disease diagnostics; scientists from the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania; scientists from the International Potato Center; as well as scientists from various other CGIAR centers and National Agricultural Research Institutions. The use of the sequencer by these researchers will be supported through a grant received by the Hub from the

The machine was acquired with funding from the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs through the BecA-Sweden partnership on food security. The partnership was developed to support food and nutritional security in the BecA sub region and enhance individual and institutional capacity building in the biosciences.

LeanGene Joins the Alliance Global Group of Companies

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Medical division of LeanGene for Electronics and Medical Supplies has joined the Alliance Global (AGBL) Group. The shareholders of LeanGene have unanimously voted to accept the merger of LeanGene with the AGBL Group of companies. Under the merger, LeanGene shareholders will receive shares in the AGBL group. Additionally, AGBL Levant (AGBL’s subsidiary office in Jordan) will take over LeanGene’s business in the region. Both LeanGene and AGBL Group have been working closely for 5 years now. The full merger between the two companies crowns the close relationship they have developed over the past years. This merger comes as part of the AGBL group’s plans for expansion with more presence in emerging markets.

“We are very excited about this merger. It gives us a stronger financial backbone and enhances our marketing and technical support and allows us to offer unparalleled service to our customers as well as our suppliers”, says Mr. Atif Aqrabawi (LeanGene’s Chairman) when asked about what will this merger mean to LeanGene’s existing business and customers. Additionally, Eng. Mohamed Abahreh (AGBL Levant’s General Manager and LeanGene’s Board Member) said: “It simply means that LeanGene’s customers will get access to more products and services, better customer service through the wider network of the AGBL Group, while LeanGene’s suppliers will continue to enjoy the growth of their business in the region and have more options to expand it into new markets”, he continued: “We believe this is the right move to make for our customers, our group and our suppliers. It is a win for all parties involved!” The merger transaction is planned to close on December 31st, 2012 and the Group’s technical, operational and commercial teams will take over the management of LeanGene’s business effective as of January 1st, 2013.

Alliance Global is Now Representing Illumina in Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Illumina Inc. and Alliance Global have extended their long lasting relationship to currently now represent both their legacy product lines and Eco/Epicentre. This new addition of products to the AGBL distributor agreement is expected to strengthen customer relations in Pakistan and enabling new possibilities to the Sri Lankan market.

Illumina is a US-based company, established in 1998 and its vision is to be the leading provider of integrated solutions that advance the understanding of genetics and health. Their main purpose is to improve human health by accelerating the collection, analysis and application of biological information. Their innovative technologies allow the studies of genetic variations and functions, whilst their revolutionary tools enable researchers to make rapid progress in the research of diseases, drug development and molecular tests in the clinical field.


For more details about Illumina and Epicentre, please refer to and, respectively.